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We Plan Group can help get those tedious tasks ticked off the to do list, so you can relax and get on with enjoying life – feeling pretty good about yourself.


We’re independent financial planners. We’ve researched the market carefully to bring you a range of fuss free financial products and services from accredited providers. 


We’ll help you plan your future for peace of mind.


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How would you know if you had been mis-sold a financial product in the past? How would you find out if you were entitled to a refund? Who would fight your corner and get a refund for you? We've organised over £521,345,766 in offers for more than 171,450 customers over the last 8 years. We not only sell financial products, we've got years of experience in putting things right when things go wrong.


We all know we’re not going to live forever so planning for the "final act" makes perfect sense. The two best ways of doing so are to make sure you have planned at least one life insurance cover and have your funeral plan in place. It’s the right thing to do. We Plan’s fuss free approach to life cover means a great deal for the over 50’s. We’ve researched the market and have some of the best cover money can buy. We also arrange flexible funeral plans which means that the costs are fixed and don’t land on your loved ones right at the wrong moment.

Legal Services

The worst time for a family dispute about money is immediately after you have passed away, when emotions run high. Making a will is the single most important thing you can do now to make sure that things run smoothly after you’re gone. Estate planning can be complex, but a will written by an authorised solicitor can make sure that assets and liabilities are treated as you would have have intended.


Wanting to upgrade your home, get an extension on your house, buy a new car or a well-deserved family holiday abroad, but struggling to get the funds together? Borrow money upfront to pay over a fixed period to spread the cost in an affordable way. We Plan Group offer various solutions at competitive rates, including secured or unsecured loans, mortgages, equity release, car finance, and bridging finance.


About We Plan Group


A little bit of planning now often makes a big difference years down the road. This is especially true when it comes to financial matters.


Some financial products are shrouded in mystery and covered in jargon. Searching online will bring thousands of choices with nobody to help you make sense of it all. People get confused and put it off until another day, even when they know they should be planning for their financial future.


We Plan Group helps consumers to plan for their future by narrowing the search to just the best fuss free financial products and services. Our planners can help you with things like life insurance, funeral plans, loans and wills. We’re primarily a people business - we have hundreds of planners that have spoken to thousands of people like you over the phone and helped them make a plan.


Call us today and see how we could help your plan. 


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